Registration Fees and Monthly Dues

2023 - 2024

2023-24 Annual Registration Fees


Rate 1

Rate 2

Rate 3

USA Swimming Registration

$98 per swimmer

$5 per Outreach swimmer

**Talk with your Coach about Outreach requirements**

Team Registration

$50 for 1 swimmer

$100 for 2 or more swimmers

$100 registration cap per family



Baby Sharks

$40/month per swimmer

Age Group I / Black TigerSharks

$50/month per swimmer

Age Group II/ Red TigerSharks

$60/month per swimmer

High School Prep/Grey TigerSharks

$70/month per swimmer

Senior TigerSharks

$80/month per swimmer

2023 - 2024

2023-24 Monthly DUES

Houston area programs

In an effort to accomplish our vision of making swimming accessible to swimmers of all backgrounds JMA is committed to a cap on monthly dues of $200 per family.

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evaluations are ongoing

​Held at the TSU Recreation center where your swimmer can be evaluated by our coaching staff.

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